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Hey! My name is Tisha! But you can just call me Goat. Most of my friends growing up did. The nickname has a few meanings behind it. Including my Capricorn mind, I will eat literally almost anything, and I can be the Greatest OAll Time, sometimes. I grew up in Utah, in a small town in the Salt Lake Valley, called Kaysville. I have ventured to other destinations, including Alaska, and I long to adventure more. I work towards that with my yarn creations, always hoping that they will provide. 

My love of crochet started at the young age of years old, when one of my most favorite people, my Grandma, taught me crocheted borders. She also tried to teach me how to knit, but I have a crocheting mind. I love the infinite amount of color, I love the counting and patterns, and I especially love creating something that someone will love! That more than anything brings sunshine and peace to my mind everyday!

I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT with my amazing boyfriend, Calvin, and our dog Fibonacci. Calvin has helped and supported me so much, I couldn't do it without him. Plus, he's my favorite weirdo! Try to imagine Calvin from 'Calvin and Hobbes' all grown up with a college education, but weirder. This is the man I love! Our dog is also unique being a Husky/Yellow Lab mix. He is a monster/cutie/snob that knows too many tricks and gets jealous of my yarn obsession.

My shop... a lot like a thrift shop of crochet goods. I like to do one of a kind things, it's the challenge of always learning something new. I also love doing custom work, just knowing that it is exactly what you wanted, and that it will be loved just as much as I loved doing it, is so important. Contact me for custom work through my page. Images of what your expecting are encouraged.

My products...

...are made with the softest or most appropriate yarn available. They usually are available to ship within 1 business day. Custom orders are slightly different, and will usually specify in product descriptions.

Return Policy...

...If you are unsatisfied with the product you receive, I would love for the chance to make it right with an exchange for something you'd love, or full refund (minus shipping) if product returned within 30 days. 


...Venmo payment is available, along with PayPal


...if you are in the Salt Lake Valley, and would products hand-delivered, contact me through contact page for a bigger discount!!!

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